Exavier Viramontez or more commonly known as Mr. Ex, is the founder of Troubadour Beat Lab and also it's lead instructor. Schooled at Iowa State University in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies, his time was spent trying to understand the intersections between childhood, adolescent development and the arts. A dancer and musician by nature his focus is to illuminate and stress the importance of artistic pathways available to children and teens of all ages.

Dr. Frank is an artist, author, community leader and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Mad Scientist Media, a content creation company and host of the podcast Portraits in Color, which focuses on issues of race in America. Dr. Frank also teaches courses on civic engagement, community activism, and voter engagement at the university-level and is a consultant to nonprofit, philanthropic, and governmental agencies.

Dr. Frank

Ms. Yarrow

Ms.Yarrow, is a seasoned dancer and instructor with years of experience teaching children the art of Flamenco. She holds a degree in Dance with a focus on Flamenco from the University Of New Mexico. Combined with additional study in Spain, she has 20+ years of Dance training. Ms.Yarrow has performed throughout the Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest of the United States as well as internationally in New Zealand and Spain. True to her no nonsense form, and in her own words she sums up her view on the subject - “I love to teach and perform my art”.