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The Website

TroubadourBeatLab.com is an educational content library and live-streaming platform for dance, music, and technology instruction. By tuning in to the livestreams, you get an immersive experience that mirrors an in-person experience of engagement between the instructor and the student. The video library takes a scaffolded learning approach that guides youth step by step through the learning process. 

The website is organized into different modules focused on dance. These modules include Aerobic Hip-Hop, Pseudo-Ballroom, Warm-Ups, Cool-Downs, Livestreams and The Experimental Dance Lab where we push the boundaries of traditional and contemporary dance. As we begin this next semester, the site will also be populated with music and coding instructional videos to augment our online offerings.

The Curriculum 

The Troubadour Beat Lab curriculum has been tested and adapted over a 6 year period for different age groups. It was designed as a way to supplement physical education in the schools, taking into consideration the different cultural backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds, mental health and in some cases the special needs of our students. Troubadour Beat Lab is involved in all facets of the design and implementation process, including building curriculum, music design, video editing and website construction to ensure that the content is suitable, safe and engaging for the students.

The Mission Statement

“Troubadour Beat lab has a simple mission: engage and inspire children and teens through the arts. Before it was in person and now it’s by way of the internet, but the mission remains the same. I know what music and dance did for me as a kid, and what it continues to do for me everyday and I hope to help our students grow and learn in the same way”. 


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